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Peoria, AZ Real Estate

Monthly Market Snapshot

Peoria was first founded in 1886 and the plat map was recorded on March 24, 1897. Located 30 minutes northwest of downtown Phoenix, Peoria has blossomed as a rapidly growing modern city that offers a high quality of living in the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

Peoria is the home to Lake Pleasant Regional Park, a true oasis in the desert. The park has many amenities such as boating, fishing, water skiing, kayaking, camping and scuba diving! Peoria is

The home to entertainment featuring theatres, spring training baseball, art museums and the newly added P83 district offering a wide variety of restaurants.

5 Facts about Peoria, Arizona

*Home to the second largest Lake in Arizona.

*Peoria has 1,559 miles of Roadways.

*Peoria is one of the few multi-county cities in Arizona.

*Peoria is named after a City in Illinois.

*It’s one of four Arizona cities among Americas 25 Safest Municipalities.

Peoria averages 300 days of Sunshine every year!!